Sunday, May 25, 2014

Let Me (Re)Introduce Myself

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Oh, hello!

My name is Jessica and I used to blog here. Remember me? No, yes? Either way I'M BACK. Y'all ready for this? Space Jam is just the best.

So, over the next few posts I'm going to attempt to relive my last two years. Be's going to be about five sentences detailing two years ago until March and then some fun posts because I finally did some super fun things.

This post is just to get you amped up and to do that I'm going to share with you something I've done over the past two year: grow out my hair. For a very long time my hair hovered right below my shoulders and I kept it that way. But, over these "missing years" I just let my hair grow.

About two-ish weeks ago I decided it was time to cut it. I had enough length to donate my hair to Locks of Love and summer is coming and it is already been brutally hot and humid here in Georgia. So, my hair stylist, Laura, put my hair into small pony tails and let the random customers in her shop cut my hair right above the elastic.

 I'm not sure exactly how much hair I cut off, but I have a photo of it. I kind of feel like a creep posting a photo of hair that is no longer on my head. I mean, hair is just dead cells now they're extra dead cells? I don't know, I just feel creepy.

So, that was my triumphant return. Extra dead cells. Well, then again if you've read this blog previously, you shouldn't have expected much more than this. I'm hoping to get multiple posts out a week, but no promises. I'm done with promises, especially since most of my previous posts begin with an apology for not posting when I said I would.

I hope you'll join me for the next bit of my life and as I will come to tell you over the next few posts, it should be a pretty exciting ride!



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