Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

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Hello and welcome to Jessica says she's sorry for the millionth time EXCEPT this time she's sorry she's not sorry (phrase courtesy of Kelly Hayes).

It's been a rocky couple of weeks and as I explained last time they always kind of are. Do you have something that when you think about it or talk about it you start to tear up or even just cry? Well, my hip is that thing.

Last time I went to see a psychologist I had to give her my entire background aka my hip story and I just cried. I mean ugly cry with snot and doing that heavy gasping thing that you'd think help you get more air into your lungs, but in reality it just makes everything worse. Oh, I also turn extremely red when I cry (or sweat or laugh or whatever), but basically it looked like I was dying. And before I had to move home and stopped going we decided to try and figure out why I autocry with the hip. I mean, it might be obvious since it was a traumatizing event, but so was my mom's cancer or my dad's heart surgery or plenty of other things and I don't go into a ridiculous ugly cry fit that would scare Mussolini (yeah, Hitler always gets the credit, but Mussolini was a bad guy too).

So, I'm not sorry that I haven't updated. Plus, the updates you would've gotten were like "Fucking JoAnn is still out of the yarn I need to finish my blanket..so I started another one" or "I pooped too many times today".

But, I plan to start updating more. Mostly because I miss it and partly because I need to get a schedule and climb out of my Gilmore Girl's Luke-esque dark days.

I think the thing that's really going to get me going is the fact that I won a fabulous craft pack giveaway from Jamie at Scissors and Steam! I want to be the best winner ever and try and do something with everything in the prize pack. Now, I already have a plan for the embroidery hoop and thread...and let me tell you it's cross stitch..but not your grandma's "Home is Where the Heart is" kind of cross stitch. So, stay tuned for that (plus it's my first time doing cross stitch). If you click on the words "craft pack giveaway" it'll take you to the page that shows what I won. Any ideas for the rest?

I also need to lose weight because I gained weight. I'm not going to say how much because I'm really sad about it since I worked so hard to lose it.

I guess that's all I have for you? Oh, also that bumper sticker photo is because I LOL'd when I saw it. This is the second bumper sticker I've seen outside of Waffle House that was just awesome (see Dragon Sticker).

Hokay. Bye.



  1. I uglycried last night. Having a hard time at work today trying to keep awake, and my eyes totally burn. x_x

    I'm glad that you're getting all of that out. It's caused you frustration for so long... it's like a long battle--your own personal one.

    Loves to you <3

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry to read that. It brought tears to my eyes. I've been crying a lot lately too, and I can definitely relate with the heavy gasping thing! I hope you'll be able to feel better.

    Your craft prize is so cool! The colors are gorgeous and the items are wonderful! Can't wait to know what you'll make with them.

    Sending warm thoughts your way :)


Thanks for your hip comment!