Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh hayyyy

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I guess I owe an explanation as to why I've been gone since the 13th.

Well, the end of March and beginning of April are always my..."dark days" time (Gilmore Girls anyone?).

You see 10 years ago MRSA invaded my body, and I seriously mean 10 years - March 20th was the day I first felt the pain. I don't really remember much of the hospital, but I do remember the days leading up to my first surgery and the week or so after it when I was home. So, I always just get sort of down for a few weeks around this time.

I mean, I'm happy that I'm alive and all, but it still is just a "why me" sort of moment that most people who have had an illness go through. I guess I just still blame the doctors for not catching it and I still wonder how different my life would be right now (I sure as hell wouldn't have this sweet cyborg hip though).

I've also not done much since then - just the usual Thursday dinner and getting my nails did with Haley, but the pollen here is so ridiculous that going outside is like a sinus death sentence. On Tuesday the weather people said that the pollen count was OVER 9000!!!!! (that's a meme...). Yeah, well the pollen is keeping me from reading on my porch and from wanting to touch my car. I drive a black car, but it's now yellow. It's gross.

Hopefully once the pollen clears up (soon, please) I'll be learning to ride a bike! Hoorah for crossing things off of my robo hip bucket list! I also get to fight for classes on March 30th - and I will win.

I'm going to update again soon...Promise (I always promise don't I?). But no seriously, I was tagged in a blog tag by Jess and I will do that. I WILL!

(I will)



  1. Oh my gosh I laughed so hard at OVER 9000! Hope the pollen does clear and you get to go out!

  2. Hi Jessica, you won the craft pack giveaway! However I don't have your email address :/ Please email me at scissorsandsteam AT gmail . com so I can get your info :)

    Congrats! :)


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